Quality Assurance
for web sites

All sites have broken links and spelling errors. 
Except for our clients of course.

WebScanner helps you increase the quality of your web site

We validate your site on a regularly basis and report any broken links, spelling mistakes, flaws in SEO, accessibility and more. All is done automatically and the result is sent to you. No installations or adjustments are needed on your web site!

Link validation

Find broken links, missing images and error pages. WebScanner performs in depth tests of the content to detect missing or expired pages.


Check texts for spelling mistakes in multiple languages and get suggestion for corrections. Smart features excludes recurring terms etc.


Increase search engine optimization and accessability with custom rules for headlines, texts, images and meta data. Follow up your own content policies.

Why do you need WebScanner?

Your visitors will get a bad impression of your company, trademark or organization if your web site has broken links, spelling mistakes or isn't user friendly. Broken links can even affect the functionality on your web site and make your services unavailable. And, not only poor optimization of SEO of your content will affect your ranking, but also broken links and spelling mistakes!

Do you know where these errors are hidden on your web site?

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