Why do you need WebScanner?

Broken links, spelling errors and poor accessibility gives your visitors a bad impression of your company, trademark or organisation and it can also affect the functions on your website.

Do you know where these errors are hidden on your site?

WebScanner finds and identifies these errors for you and helps to increase the quality of the content on your website in order to get more, and more satisfied, clients.

  • Link validation

    Find broken links, missing images and error pages. WebScanner performs in depth tests of the content to detect missing or expired pages.

  • Spellcheck

    Check texts for spelling mistakes in multiple languages and get suggestion for corrections. Smart features excludes recurring terms etc.

  • Checkpoints

    Increase search engine optimization and accessability with custom rules for headlines, texts, images and meta data. Follow up your own content policies.


Validate content by rules that applies to your site

We assist our clients in customizing these tests for their website since the demands for what to validate varies. Our Checkpoints can be used to follow up many types of rules. Here are some examples on what we can help you find.

Flexible and customizable

Handle exceptions

There is of course support to exclude specific words from the spellcheck, certain broken links that should not be validated or to not include a checkpoint on a page.

Limit scope

Whole sections of the website or chosen pages types can also be excluded. Either for the complete test or limited to spellchecking, specific checkpoints and more.


Categorize results

Reports can be divided and sorted in a number of ways. The result grouped by type of error, by section on the website or by capturing the editor from the page.

Various recipients

Reports can be sent to multiple recipients at once but also be divided so that each editor gets the part of the result they are responsible for.

Why choose WebScanner?

Scheduled tests

Tests are scheduled and reports sent automatically to you to ensure follow up and correction are done by routine. Similar tools that requires a manually step are rarely used.

No installation

WebScanner tests your website from the internet so there is no need for any installations or adjustments for the service to run. This makes it very easy to get started.

User friendly result

The reports are clean and easy to read and can be sent both as email versions for quick reviewing, but also as Excel files for further processing such as commenting, filtering, dividing etc.

CMS and platform independent

WebScanner works with all websites, regardless of the system or platform they are built on. We even have support for completely script based content and can also validation intranets.

Support included

Support is of course included our agreements and we assist you with any necessary adjustments that are needed due to changes on your web site.

Good terms

We don't believe in retaining our clients in long agreements that are hard to break, so we offer a period of notice of only 3 months, even from start.

Get a free test report and a cost proposal

Would you like to have a report on your website and get prices for a subscription? Send us your website adress and we will get back to you with a test report and a proposal for you.

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Get a free test report and a cost proposal